A new “data display” tool has been added to the set of geovisualization tools. Access the tool here: http://setebos.svt.ntnu.no/climres/

The new tool is our response to feedback from end-users asking that the compensation data from the Norwegian Natural Perils Pool (NPP) should be provided in more aggregated way and not only in a disaggregated form (i.e. for Norwegian municipalities). The new tool shows the NPP data aggregated for the whole country.

The data display tool has only one visual component, which is an interactive bar chart as shown below. The bars show total compensation payments by year. Different colors have been used in each bar in order to differentiate compensation payments caused by four different hazard types: storms, storm surges, floods, and landslides. The bars are by default horizontally sorted by year. Users can however also sort them by total compensation or by compensation due to specific hazard type. The basic functionality represents a simple tool for everybody interested in getting an overview of compensation from the NPP.